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A photograph of a pit toilet in the woods with soft afternoon light falling on it, surrounded by trees

Pit privy, site 6

The outhouse, the pit privy, taking its important place in the backcountry. I spent a couple of days in the backcountry a couple of weekends ago and because it was a canoe trip I brought a larger camera and a tripod to take some photos. Luckily the sun was out and I was able to capture a few decent shots under the canopy of Hemlock trees.

The light was just right and I had the foresight to bring a roll of colour film with me even though I was more focused on capturing things in black-and-white. That turned out to be a good decision as my roll of B&W didn’t really turn out the way I was hoping, too contrasty, not interesting enough. I managed to get quite a few colour frames that made up for the failure.

Each site in the backcountry of national parks has a pit privy on it. They’re not the most interesting things to look at but I am thankful they are there and I’ve taken a few shots over the years of different examples. I really liked the way the light was falling on this one, and the framing of the trees make it stand out and yet somehow welcome it into the forest.