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In photography, Bedroom light, September 2017 was published 3 weeks ago.

As for writing, Channel Lake Loop, September 2017 was published 3 months ago.

And in the stream, Neighbourhood No.6 was published 3 days ago.

Photographs, writings and streams are published when I feel like it, which is not too often these days. You should subscribe to the photography, writing and stream feeds to keep up-to-date.


Posts from across the site ordered by popularity.


  1. Falls at Fairy Hole, Cape Breton
  2. Fashion laundromat, Saturday night
  3. Afternoon siesta, Queen and Bay
  4. Waiting, Ferry Terminal
  5. Stoddard House, Barrington Street


  1. Three Days Around Cape Chignecto
  2. Kejimkujik backcountry, May 2012
  3. Late summer camping at Keji's Wil-Bo-Wil cabin
  4. Gully Lake Wilderness Trail
  5. South Granite Ridge trail


  1. Prized Possession
  2. Christmas Eve skate in the 'burbs
  3. Death Race 2000
  4. Old burying ground under snow
  5. Field Notes Campfire edition