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What is copyright?

In the simplest terms, “copyright” means “the right to copy.” In general, copyright means the sole right to produce or reproduce a work or a substantial part of it in any form. It includes the right to perform the work or any substantial part of it or, in the case of a lecture, to deliver it. If the work is unpublished, copyright includes the right to publish the work or any substantial part of it. Both literary works and artistic works are protected by copyright.

Purchase, use, licence

All photographs, words and graphics appearing on this site are Copyright © 1996-2022 Chris Jones. All rights reserved. If you would like to purchase, use or licence a photograph for commercial purposes or to create a derivative work, your inquiries can be emailed to me.

More information

More information on copyright in Canada can be found at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. The full text of the Copyright Act is available at the Department of Justice website.


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