My name is and I’m a former Upper Canadian kid now living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. You should visit sometime. I’ve also lived in Markham, ON; Ottawa, ON; Lindsay, ON; and Prince George, BC.

I’m a web developer during the day. I’ve been known to listen to music, take photographs, and read books. I love to hike and travel.

I also have a now page.

You can send me a message on the contact page. If you wish to encrypt your message or confirm my identity, you can do so over at keybase.io.

Self portrait of me in black and white

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Most of my photographs are recorded on film with the odd digital shot. Both black and white and colour film is developed at home, where I also print the black and white in my makeshift darkroom. For the web, I scan the negatives. For the wall, I make wet chemistry silver-gelatin prints.

Most of the photographs that accompany my writing are made with a digital camera.

Many of the fine photographs found here are available for purchase. Inquiries can be sent to me on the contact page with the name of the photograph and I’ll get back to you with size, format and cost details.


chrisjones.io is hosted on a Digital Ocean VPS and is managed with my custom-made CMS. Videos are transcoded using Zencoder’s awesome on-demand service. Map icons are from Map Icons Collection. Main compass icon is from Alessio Atzeni at FlatIcon. I’ve also whipped up an API.

In 2016 this site celebrated 20 years of clogging up the web. chrisjones.io is merely the latest incarnation of this site. In 1996 it was available as areaeleven.com. After that, in a bout of Canadian patriotism it became known as areaeleven.ca. That lasted for a while and there are many who remember that site as the one true Chris Jones website. Then it became betterleftunsaid.ca, the name coming from lyrics of a song by Sarah Harmer. Finally, it has became chrisjones.io where it shall remain until I get bored or change my name.


All photographs, words and graphics appearing on this site are Copyright © 1996-2018 Chris Jones. All rights reserved. If you would like to purchase/use/licence a photograph for commercial purposes or to create a derivative work, your inquiries can be sent to me on the contact page.