Chris Jones

Enraged pedestrian. Hiker. Explorer. Web developer. Photographer. Daydreamer. Come from away Upper Canadian. Black sheep spinster uncle. Recluse. Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Kejimkujik NP, NS, Canada

I’m at work in Halifax, NS, where it’s 13° and clear at 2:52pm.

Keep the peace

/ Notes

I like it when vandals have something more positive to say beyond the usual self-absorbed name-tagging nonsense.

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Love|Self (Part 2)

/ Notes

It seems I might be being followed by the Love|Self tagger. This one is a block from my building, the first one (that’s now painted over) was a block from my office.

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Sunset on Liberty Lake

/ Photographs

Last month a couple of friends and I hiked the Liberty Lake Loop, the longest hike in Kejimkujik National Park. It had been a goal of mine to get to Liberty Lake and camp on its shores. It’s not an easy spot to get to and finally getting there felt really good.

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