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Chris Jones Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Enraged pedestrian. Flâneur. Hiker. Explorer. Web developer. Photographer. Daydreamer. Come from away Upper Canadian. Black sheep spinster uncle. Recluse. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


I’m at home in Halifax, NS, where it’s 2°, which feels like 0°, and overcast at 7:01am.


Work from home setup

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Like many, many people I’m now working from home and this is my setup.

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Social distancing sourdough

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If we’re all meant to be inside away from each other I might as well put the time to good use.

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The most wonderful time of the year

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I always look forward to the time of year when Java Blend Coffee gets their Tanzania Peaberry beans.

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Bunkie snow

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Spent the night at a friend’s cabin and woke up to a layer of fresh, new snow.

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Using PHP and cURL to post to the Mastodon API

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As my distaste for Twitter has grown over the last while I decided to see if I could deploy my own instance of Mastodon, a federated, distributed social network.

Hiking the Liberty Lake Loop

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Desperate for a relatively local hiking challenge this year, I decided to finally hike the Liberty Lake Loop, a 56km trail in Kejimkujik National Park.

Three Days Around Cape Chignecto

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Since moving to the east coast, I’ve been trying my best to do as much hiking as I did when I lived in central British Columbia.

Late summer camping at Keji's Wil-Bo-Wil cabin

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It’s been about three years or so since the Wil-Bo-Wil cabin was built in Kejimkujik’s backcountry, and even though I’ve passed it many times on hikes destined for elsewhere in the park I’ve never actually stayed there.

Stoddard House, Barrington Street

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This is the north exterior wall of Stoddard House, located at 1359 Barrington Street on the corner of Bishop Street.


Sun out over Lake Ontario

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I’m on my Christmas visit to see family and friends just outside Toronto.

Chilly hike to Economy Falls

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I’ve written about the Devil’s Bend trail and Economy Falls a few times before so it’s definitely become one of my favourite hikes in the province.