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Lake and rocks, evening

Lake and rocks, evening

I hadn’t been on my bike in a couple of years for one reason or another so I decided it was time to get out for a ride. A co-worker suggested this trail to do after work as it was a well-maintained trail that my crazy three-speed could handle. It was election night so the trail was pretty much deserted (don’t worry, I voted earlier) and there wasn’t even a breeze, a perfect evening for a ride.

We rode all the way to Upper Tantallon and back, a forty kilometre round-trip, something I paid for the next day. It was definitely worth it as we came across these small lakes that were so still they became mirrors.

I love a good rock sticking out of calm water photo, so here’s a nice one. I managed to shoot a whole roll at this spot as we were stopped on an old iron bridge with lots to explore.