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Boardwalk at Lawrencetown Beach, November 2008

Boardwalk at Lawrencetown Beach, November 2008

I was itching to get out for some fresh air and take some snaps. So on the coldest day of the year up to that point I decided to go to the beach. I figured I’d have the place to myself and I was right. It took about five minutes to figure out that perhaps there was a reason for that. Anyway, I had driven out there and decided to brave the insane wind and cold to see what kind of photos I could get.

Lawrencetown Beach is known as an east-coast surfer spot. The waves can get fairly large here, but it’s cold. There are a few surf shops nearby and during the summer when the surf’s up the beach can get busy.

Within thirty seconds of getting out of the car I had this shot, taken on the stairs/boardwalk that goes over the dunes that seperate the parking area from the beach. The sun and clouds were in the perfect spot and the lines of the railings just hit me. Everything lined up so well with the horizon line, and as you can see, the sun was just high enough to not be a complete distraction. I love how the clouds go all the way out to the horizon and the whole scene looks completely peaceful, in total contrast to the heavy winds and hand-numbing cold.

It took about thirty minutes and seven frames before the cold got to my camera, forcing me to head back to the car. I managed to get some nice shots of the beach and beach grass before having to call it a day.