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A black-and-white photo of a finger of tree-covered land stretching out from the right side into the grey water under cloudy grey skies

Gulf of St Lawrence from Mont Saint-Alban

Back in September I took some time off to do some hiking in New Brunswick and decided to head up to Forillon National Park near Gaspé, Quebec for a couple of days beforehand to checkout some beautiful scenery. The weather was mostly lovely except on this afternoon when we decided to do a hike up Mont Saint-Alban to get a view from high up over the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

We did the whole loop — there is an option to do a much shorter, easier hike up from the parking lot — so by the time we got to the lookout tower at the top we were very thankful to see it so we could relax our legs for a bit. This photo looks very dark and gloomy but I have to say it’s exactly what it was like up there with the impending rain. The rain mostly held off until we got back down to the bottom and could find shelter at the recreation centre in the campground. I kind of wish I hadn’t used the yellow filter on this shot as Acros is sufficiently contrasty all by itself, but what’s done is done. Perhaps I’ll get back up there and take a few more shots unfiltered.