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Moonrise over Fancy Lake

Moonrise over Fancy Lake

Out at a friend’s cabin last weekend and I’m just about to crawl into my bunk when he calls me outside. Looking for me to take a photo of the star-filled night sky through the trees I assembled my camera, tripod and various accessories to oblige. While taking a few shots I noticed a strange orange light through the trees and over the lake. My first though was that it was a very bright light on a boat but after getting closer to the shore we realized it was the moon. Yes, that bright orange ball is the moon!

Moonrise that night was late, just after 11pm. While just coming over the horizon it was a very bright orange, coloured by our very dirty lower atmosphere. I couldn’t help but take a bunch of photos of the moon while watching it slowly rise, getting whiter and whiter with elevation.

Other than the stars in the sky you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference between this moonrise and the following morning’s sunrise. A pretty good reason to postpone getting into bed.