I’m in Halifax, NS, Canada 🇨🇦  |  It’s 10° at 8:40pm

Two photos, the top photo showing tall grass overlooking a small lake underneath a bright blue sky and green trees in the distance, the bottom photo is a sign marking a lookout

Warm summer hike

Today was a perfect, beautiful, summer day for a hike in the backcountry. A friend and I revisited the Sandy Cope Trail I did alone earlier in the year. It was a beautiful, warm, summer day and we were thankful for the shade provided by the trees. Not a single other person was seen or heard from, exactly as I like it.

Overall we did 9.5km, a good leg-stretching, but not-too-difficult hike. I liked that “lookout” sign showing what looks like laser beams shooting out of a figure’s binoculars. PEW PEW.