Milo, drink of the tired, hungry trekker

Milo, drink of the tired, hungry trekker

Before trekking up Kilimanjaro a couple of years ago I had never even heard of Milo. It seems to be popular in many parts of the world, but not here in North America. Of course it being an Australian product, the Australian guy in our foursome went nuts over it when our waiter put it on the table after out first day of hiking. I had to give it a try and found it to be very similar to Ovaltine, not a surprise as they’re both based on barley malt.

While I was perusing the aisles at the grocery store this evening the familiar green tin stood out on the shelf. HA! I laughed out loud, pulled one down and promptly placed it in my cart. No way I’m letting that go! So every now and then I’ll whip myself up a mug and reminisce over my trek and chuckle over the funny things you find when you travel.

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