There are 19 photos with a tag of winter.

  • Lake Ontario, Christmas Eve
  • Young Birch in winter, Camp Barrachois
  • Winter, Murray Brook
  • Morning sun and sea smoke, Halifax Harbour
  • Bridge at Peskowesk Brook
  • Snowfall on Barrington Street, February 2010
  • Birch on Ness Lake
  • Tree and snow, Barrington Street
  • Headstones under snow, Old Burying Ground
  • Fence and snow, Old Burying Ground
  • Bike under snow
  • Trail and Grass, Lawrencetown Beach
  • Aspen in winter, March 2009
  • Southern Ontario Farmland, December 2007 (Five)
  • Southern Ontario Farmland, December 2007 (Three)
  • Iron Gate, Halifax, December 2007
  • Hemlock and Heavy Snow
  • Cabin, January (Four)
  • Cabin, January (One)

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