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  • Fashion laundromat, Saturday night
  • Afternoon siesta, Queen and Bay
  • Waiting, Ferry Terminal
  • Pipe and window, Morris Street
  • Lonely hydrant, evening
  • Adore
  • Lower Water Street, miniature
  • Hollis Street, miniature
  • Or Maybe They Will
  • Lonely bike, Lunenburg
  • Watching, Halifax Harbour
  • No Parking, Bishop Street
  • Street festival, 6th Avenue
  • Street corner, Times Square
  • Police car, Rockefeller Centre
  • Waiting, King and York
  • Building, Sackville Street
  • I am Beaker

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  2. Fashion laundromat, Saturday night
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  4. Afternoon siesta, Queen and Bay
  5. Waiting, Ferry Terminal

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