Scotia Square, World Pinhole Day

Scotia Square, World Pinhole Day

Here’s another shot from World Pinhole Day. This is the ugly Scotia Square Mall from the corner of Barrington and Duke Streets. The tower on the left is Duke Tower, on the right it’s Barrington Tower, in which I currently work. I can’t wait until our new office building is finished later this summer.

As usual with a pinhole and its slightly longer exposure, cloudy skies get a little more dramatic.

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Technical Details

  • Camera: Zero Image 6x6
  • Lens: None
  • Filter: None
  • Film: Fuji Neopan 100
  • Developer: Rodinal 1+100
  • Development: Small tank for 18 minutes at 20 degrees Celsius. Agitation was for the first fifteen seconds of the first three minutes, then one inversion every three minutes.
  • Date: April, 2011
  • Location: 44.649140, -63.574941
  • what3words: radiators.hinges.rotations
  • Copyright: © 2011 Chris Jones. All rights reserved. More information.

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