Fort Anne, May 2008 (Six)

Fort Anne, May 2008 (Six)

I’ve always wanted to take a shot of a bare tree by itself against a bright sky. I’ve found it’s not that easy to find, so when I came across this one I got a little excited. I was lucky it was the right time of year, it was accessible and there were no people around to get in the way. I put my tripod down on the stump of what looked like this tree’s brother, composed and shot.

The crown of the tree fit perfectly in the square frame, there was no wind and the light was nice and flat. I knew right away I had a great shot. I was so happy when I pulled the film off the reel after development, it was exactly as I had seen it in my head.

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Technical Details

  • Camera: Bronica SQ-A
  • Lens: Bronica Zenzanon-S 80mm
  • Film: Fuji Neopan 400
  • Developer: Kodak XTOL 1+2
  • Development: Small tank for 12:30 at 20 degrees Celsius. Agitation was for the first minute, then four inversions per minute.
  • Date: May, 2009
  • Location: 44.74221, -65.51828
  • what3words: automotive.screenplay.unwavering
  • Copyright: © 2009 Chris Jones. All rights reserved. More information.

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