Bollard at night, January 2008

Bollard at night, January 2008

I was taking an advanced photography class at the local art and design university and had to come up with a final project. I had some success with some longer exposures in the past and wanted to explore it a bit more. So, having never done any night photography before and being intrigued by it, I thought I’d combine the two by doing a series of long-exposure night photographs. This was my very first attempt and I was quite pleased with it.

At first I was disappointed by the lens flare caused by a pier lights. After a while it grew on me and I now think it actually adds a bit of mood instead of just being a technical flaw. It was fairly low light and difficult to focus, I’m amazed at how sharp the bollard turned out.

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Technical Details

  • Camera: Mamiya C33 Professional
  • Lens: Mamiya-Sekor 80mm (Black)
  • Filter: #8 yellow
  • Film: Fuji Acros 100
  • Developer: Kodak XTOL 1+1
  • Development: Small tank for 9:30 at 20 degrees Celsius. Agitation was for the first minute, then four inversions per minute.
  • Date: January, 2008
  • Location: 44.64882, -63.57029
  • what3words: headings.stubbornly.maybe
  • Copyright: © 2008 Chris Jones. All rights reserved. More information.

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