Blomidon Beach, July 2007 (Four)

Blomidon Beach, July 2007 (Four)

I drove to the park with my brother and sister-in-law as they were out on a holiday and wanted to see cliffs, the kind you see in the tourism brochures. Well, this place has them. The cliffs seem to go forever along the Minas Basin, a nice dirty red colour etched from the tides. Low tide is the only time to visit, you can walk way out — the tides here are the highest in the world — and get some beautiful panoramic scenes of the cliffs and countryside on top. Definitely a place I’ll be visiting over and over again.

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Technical Details

  • Camera: Mamiya C33 Professional
  • Lens: Mamiya-Sekor 80mm (Black)
  • Filter: #8 yellow
  • Film: Fuji Acros 100
  • Developer: Kodak XTOL 1+3
  • Development: Small tank for 14 minutes at 20 degrees Celsius. Agitation was for the first minute, then five inversions per minute.
  • Date: July, 2007
  • Location: 45.25611, -64.35033
  • what3words: heatproof.slimmer.longingly
  • Copyright: © 2007 Chris Jones. All rights reserved. More information.

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