6th Avenue Cafe

6th Avenue Cafe

When I’m on holidays I like to eat breakfast. A big, greasy breakfast. So, deciding on a diner we found the 6th Avenue Cafe around the block from the hotel. We got in, sat down, had coffee in front of us in less than a minute and put our orders in. Since breakfast is a rare thing for me I don’t mind eating bacon and eggs two mornings in a row. While waiting for the grub to arrive, I snapped this. Not five minutes after, the place was pretty much filled up. A decent spot if you’re in the neighbourhood.

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Technical Details

  • Camera: Mamiya 6 medium-format rangefinder
  • Lens: Mamiya 75mm
  • Filter: #15 deep yellow
  • Film: Fuji Acros 400
  • Developer: Rodinal 1+50
  • Development: Small tank for 11 minutes at 20 degrees Celsius. Agitation was for the first thirty seconds, then four inversions per minute.
  • Date: May, 2010
  • Location: 40.764800, -73.976757
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  • Copyright: © 2010 Chris Jones. All rights reserved. More information.

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