I’m in Halifax, NS, Canada 🇨🇦  |  It’s 9° at 8:50am

A black-and-white photo of dark coloured containers stacked on top of one another with a customs sign on the fence in front

Your stuff’s not in there

Early on in the summer I went for a walk through the south-end container terminal on my way to Point Pleasant Park. Like the previous photo from the same roll, I was testing a new film. This shot doesn’t seem as grainy but that’s probably because the whole frame is filled with a darker tone. I liked the way the containers are the same tone and fill the frame.

During the pandemic the container terminal was overflowing with containers and the backlog is still a problem today, not just here in Halifax but all over the globe. Lots of stuff just not getting to store shelves it seems. I’m still waiting on a bookshelf…