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A person waits for the bus on a downtown street by sitting on a stone window ledge. Only their legs are visible. Two people are walking on the street past the pair of legs.

Waiting, Barrington Street

I’ve been trying out a new-to-me old camera over the last month. On my walk home from work one day I came across a pair of disembodied legs sitting on a window ledge at a bus stop on Barrington Street. Seemed like a good photo to test my manual focussing and exposure setting reflexes. I was glad to find I out I got them both pretty spot on, the camera has both manual focus and a meter that needs a battery that isn’t made any longer (mercury). So I carry my little Sekonic Twinmate with me and just take a quick reading when the light changes. From there I can adjust up or down as needed.

After my first use with it I can say I like this little camera because it’s small, silent, and easy-to-operate. I was also testing some less-expensive film at the same time but it’s way too grainy for my tastes. The grain works pretty well for street scenes but portraits and more broad landscapes look awful. It was worth a try though and now I know it’s not for me.