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Trees over Yellow Marsh River

Trees over Yellow Marsh River

First, I’m not sure there’s a name for this river so I just called it Yellow Marsh River because it joins Yellow Marsh and Yellow Marsh Lake. Seems reasonable to me, just don’t go looking for it on any map. Anyway, there’s a nice old iron rail bridge that goes over the river that lets you get a nice view on both sides. It’s a good place to get off your bike and stretch the legs.

This spot is along the Aspotogan Trail, the old rail line that runs between Hubbards and East River. It’s an easy ride and a well-maintained trail. We decided to go all the way to Chester and back this day, about a 50km round-trip. There’s lots to see along the trail, marshes and streams, lots of birds and it makes its way through some small communities.

The photo looks like it might have been taken with infrared film or photoshopped to make it look that way but it’s not. I think it’s the combination of the perfect tint of green in the trees as well as the use of a yellow filter. Whatever the reason, it looks pretty cool.