I’m in Halifax, NS, Canada 🇨🇦  |  It’s 11° at 7:40pm

Tree and snow, Barrington Street

Tree and snow, Barrington Street

This might be the last wintery shot of the season. Spring has sort of sprung, the clock has moved forward and frankly we’re all a little tired of winter.

I’ve always wondered a little about this tree. I can see the point of putting a small tree here, but man, this thing looks tired and abused. I suppose anything living that has to put up with bus fumes all day and night would suffer more than a plant should, and I’m fairly certain that the “soil” that surrounds this poor tree’s roots mostly consists of cigarette butts and discarded Tim Hortons cups. Then again, the cynic in me thinks those are two of the major constituents of the soil almost anywhere in Nova Scotia.

Anyway, with a gentle coating of new snow, even this tree got to look a little lovely for a short while.