I’m in Halifax, NS, Canada 🇨🇦  |  It’s 9° at 12:09pm

A curved line of wooden seating is placed around the edge of a gravel path. Leafless trees hang overhead in front of a grey sky.

Take a seat

I finally got around to developing and scanning a test roll from December. Not too bad for a 50+ year-old camera but I’ve still got some getting used to it to do. I like the contrast of this film but it’s a bit too grainy for a 100 speed film for my liking. I have been spoiled by Fuji Acros but this particular film is very budget-friendly in comparison.

The Public Garden in the middle of the city is always a good place to shoot some test frames, even in winter. When it’s open you pretty much get the whole place to yourself and there’s enough interesting shapes and forms to capture, particularly with the bare trees and grey sky. These seats are a popular spot for hanging out and people watching during the warmer seasons, so I always try to take a photo of them when they’re empty.