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  • CSS Acadia in fog
  • Your stuff's not in there
  • Lonesome cart
  • Mass appeal
  • Empty benches, Public Gardens
  • First try with CineStill film
  • Government House, June 2018
  • Waiting, Ferry Terminal
  • Pipe and window, Morris Street
  • Walk-ups, Bishop Street
  • Reading chair and piano, Government House
  • Morning sun and sea smoke, Halifax Harbour
  • Stoddard House, Barrington Street
  • Trees in fog, Citadel hill
  • Scotia Square, World Pinhole Day
  • Wharf light in fog
  • NSCAD University, End of Granville Street
  • St. Paul's Church, World Pinhole Day
  • Unlawful, March 2011
  • Bare tree and glass, Halifax
  • Bollard and rope in fog
  • Rescue ring in fog
  • Celtic Cross, St. Matthew's Church
  • Georges Island in fog
  • Lonely hydrant, evening
  • Broken light, Dalhousie University
  • St. George's Round Church, Halifax
  • Snowfall on Barrington Street, February 2010
  • Arch at City Hall
  • Point Halifax in fog
  • Above/Below
  • Lower Water Street, miniature
  • Hollis Street, miniature
  • Boat on Northwest Arm, May 2010
  • Rope three ways, Halifax Harbour
  • Condiments, Q BBQ
  • Watching, Halifax Harbour
  • Anchored, Halifax Harbour
  • No Parking, Bishop Street
  • Fence at Salter Landing
  • Wharf lights in fog
  • BMO Building in fog
  • 1801 Hollis in fog
  • Old Town Clock, World Pinhole Day
  • Tree and snow, Barrington Street
  • Headstones under snow, Old Burying Ground
  • Fence and snow, Old Burying Ground
  • Bike under snow
  • Downtown Halifax, February 2010
  • Building, Sackville Street
  • Handrail, Brunswick Street
  • Tree and cross, Christmas Eve
  • I am Beaker
  • Path and tree on Citadel Hill
  • Clouds over Halifax Common, October 2009
  • Conservatory, October 2009
  • MacDonald Bridge, 2009 (Diptych)
  • Life preserver, July 2008
  • Tall ship quay in fog, July 2008
  • Architecture building at night, March 2008
  • Life preserver at night, January 2008
  • Bollard at night, January 2008
  • Iron Gate, Halifax, December 2007
  • Halifax, Aliant Building, August 2007
  • Flower, Halifax Public Gardens (Two)

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