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Pipe and window, Morris Street

Pipe and window, Morris Street

On my quick walk around the block to finish a roll of film to test my Caffenol recipe on I came across this very shiny pipe sticking out of the ground. It was a very sunny afternoon and the shiny black paint of the pipe and the newly painted window frame contrasted perfectly with the grey foundation stones.

This house is located at 5145 Morris Street and is a registered Halifax historic property, known as E.B. Strickland House. It’s undergone some renovations recently — as has another house on the short block a few doors down — and it looks great. It has a very colourful new coat of paint and I think much of the wood siding and window frames have been replaced. It looks fantastic for a house from 1869.

Of course, while I was crouching down to get this shot a few tourists were coming down the street looking at me funny. I guess pipes aren’t exactly picture taking material for most people. I don’t mind the odd looks though, it’s things like this that I love about my neighbourhood.