I’m in Alma, NB, Canada 🇨🇦  |  ☀️ It’s 22° at 4:15pm

Three black hoses are poorly taped to a wall where they are coming out of a hole beneath a sign that reads please deposit items one at a time

One at a time

The old Memorial Library on Spring Garden road has been closed for years now with no plan in sight. Whenever I walk by I try to get a shot of it from some new angle, I’m sure one day there’ll be a fence around it, ready for demolition. I imagine that’s a more budget-friendly way of dealing with it than doing a full asbestos abatement and bringing it all up to new standards.

This is a roll of new-to-me film, CatLABS X 320 Pro, which I paid and arms-and-a-leg for from Boston, over the border. First impressions are positive, low grain, nice contrast and tonality. I need to check the whites on it, but that is partly due to living in a city that’s grey a lot of the time. Overall I like it and will continue to use it, I bought ten rolls so I’m happy it’s not been a waste.