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Kitchen faucet

Kitchen faucet

A few weeks ago I bought a new-to-me Nikon F100 camera and lens and it’s taken me this long to finally finish the test roll of Kodak 400TX. 36 exposures are a lot to get through when you rarely leave the apartment.

So it’s fitting that I took a few shots around the apartment to get a feel for the camera. The wide-open 1.8 aperture needs getting used to as many frames simply came out blurry looking. With an aperture that large there’s a very shallow depth-of-field so you really need to know what you’re focusing on and how it fits the composition.

Overall though I’m very happy with the purchase. The metering and exposures looked great so it looks like my gamble paid off. I’ve ordered up a small pile of new 35mm film now that I know it won’t go to waste. I’m looking forward to running it through this beast! Maybe a wide-angle lens is next…