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Iron Gate, Halifax, December 2007

Iron Gate, Halifax, December 2007

This photograph is titled Iron Gate, Halifax, December 2007 and was taken on a very cold January day in the city by the sea. This was another of those days where I thought my camera was going to completely freeze up from the cold. There may not be batteries in those old cameras, but the shutters are lubricated. When it’s cold enough to freeze the lubrication, it’s time to go inside.

There’s lots of interesting stuff to be found wandering the streets. This piece of iron gate was stading by itself where the rest of the fence used to be. I’m not sure why this was left but I’m glad it was. It has this amazing, dark, worn texture that contrasted perfectly with the snowy lawn behind it.

The camera and photographer may have given up from the cold but the image lives on. Besides, I had the streets to myself.