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Hemlock and Heavy Snow

Hemlock and Heavy Snow

There is nothing like a heavy snow on Cedar and Hemlock trees. They way it hangs, the way it glows, it’s just beautiful.

I parked by the side of the highway next to a very old stand of interior Cedar and Hemlock and hiked my way through some waist-deep snow to get to the trees. It was worth it. It had snowed quite heavily the night before leaving an amazing fresh, crisp layer on everything. The silence was incredible. I made my way around a small creek and shot the huge trees. Most of the roll didn’t turn out too well, my exposure was a little off, but this one summed up the place for me very nicely.

This area is known as the Ancient Forest, about an hour’s drive east of Prince George, BC. It’s a beautiful and unique ecosystem, a deep inland temperate rainforest. Some of the trees here are over 800 years old. Most people just blast past it on the highway, but if you can spare a couple of hours to stop and explore, it’s well worth it, even in the winter.