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Government House, June 2018

Government House, June 2018

I needed to test a new-to-me film so I shot away on my walk home from work that last couple of evenings to get a few different types of shots.

I also wanted to double-check the focus on my camera as the last roll I shot seemed a little blurry. The good news is both the film and the camera passed the test. This film from Japan is a new emulsion on a thin, clear base. I was hoping for good things and it delivered. Looks like very fine grain and nice tonal range. I made sure to get as many different lighting conditions as I could to see what the film could do and I’m happy to report it did quite well in everything I tried. This particular shot was almost directly into the sun — you can see the quite obvious lens flare — and it turned out pretty well, not totally washed out as I was expecting.

I bought five rolls of this new film to test with and I’m happy the first test was a good one. I look forward to getting out with it over the summer.