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First try with CineStill film

First try with CineStill film

I decided to break the bank and give CineStill film a try.

It’s a motion picture film that has had the remjet and anti-halation layer removed so it can be processed in C-41 chemistry. It’s balanced for tungsten lighting and gives a nice, cinematic feel to still photographs.

I went out on a dark and slightly foggy Sunday evening to see what results I could get out of it. I had seen lots of examples online and it looked great so I had high hopes. My first experience didn’t quite match what I had in my head but it wasn’t a total disaster. You can definitely see the halos around the lights but the atmosphere I was hoping to capture didn’t quite come though.

I think it needs a bit more light to get that moody atmosphere, and perhaps a longer exposure with a smaller aperture to get a bit more sharpness and depth. That will definitely require a tripod and some reciprocity compensation. Overall not a bad first try, gives me some idea for the other two rolls in my fridge.