I’m in Halifax, NS, Canada 🇨🇦  |  It’s -2° at 8:18am

An abandoned bike with a flat rear tire is locked to a bike stand next to a dark grey brick building. This last frame from the roll of film has its right-side ruined by being accidentally exposed when loading from a bulk loader.

End of the road/roll

I finally finished the first roll of new film I recently bought a 30 metre bulk roll of. I’m mostly happy with it, it’s quite contrasty so I need to keep that in mind. It’s like it has a built-in dark-orange filter so any scene that is already high-contrast, like bright sunlight on snow, will likely be blown out in the highlights and blocked out in the shadows.

I developed it in good ol’ HC-110 at 1+31 for 10 minutes and the grain came out as I had expected for a ISO 400 film. So overall I’m pretty happy with this film, it will do well in this higher-than-average-gloomy-day seaside city. Next time I may cut back on the agitation to see if that reduces the contrast a bit. This particular frame was the last of the roll and since I hadn’t bulk rolled in a whole I ruined the last frame by pulling a bit too much out of the bulk loader before attaching it to the cassette reel, causing it to be exposed. Oh well, it works with the subject and the rest of the roll is just fine.