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Empty bottles, Big Tancook General Store

Empty bottles, Big Tancook General Store

I should clarify the title of the photo by saying that it’s the old general store. These days, it’s run by the daughter of the previous owners. She has turned it into a little gallery, community centre, museum and library. It’s a nifty spot to visit while you’re on the island. The gallery part of the building has a massive collection of beach glass, some beautiful pieces. The museum part is interesting with all the donated items and fascinating history of the island, and the little community centre/library is neat with it’s walls lined with trinkets and books. It does feel like a step back in time, but in a good, comforting way. I’m fairly certain I could live in that place. The library has quite a collection of donated books, as well as ‘real’ library books that come over on the ferry once a week from the mainland library system. Such great community spirit here and the people are wonderful.

I think we picked the perfect weekend of the year to visit as we were two of maybe eight visitors. People really open up when they’re not dealing with a surge of off-islanders like they do during the summer season. Not that they mind of course, but it’s good to get some one-on-one time with people.

I’ll probably be posting quite a few photos from Big Tancook Island over the next little while. I could fill a book with the photos I took that day, it’s such a wonderful spot. Here’s a short article on the trip.