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Looking up at a small waterfall cascading over a small opening in the rocks above. The water continues down into a pool and over rocks. There is a wooden boardwalk to the right providing good views of the fall and the stream.

Dickson Falls, Fundy National Park

A couple of weeks ago a couple of friends and I spent a week exploring and hiking around Fundy National Park in New Brunswick. This was my first time visiting the park but I was told we would be seeing lots of waterfalls so I brought my tripod with me whenever we went hiking.

There are a lot of waterfalls in the park, some easy to get to others require a long and difficult hike. This particular one is quite easy to get to, so we left it until the end of the day one day, after we had done a longer, more difficult hike earlier.

It was a nice way to end a day of hot hiking, down in the cool, damp valley where the fall is located. I’m sure there is a lot more water coming over the top in the spring then there was at the end of summer but there was enough water to get that cool, dramatic look with a long exposure.