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Cabot Trail, September 2020

Cabot Trail, September 2020

A couple of weeks ago I took the week off from work and did a road trip around the Cabot Trail with a couple of friends. It was a glorious time to be on Cape Breton Island, the weather was perfect for hiking and there were very few people around. With the start of school and the Covid-19 pandemic travel restrictions in effect, Cape Breton National Park was very quiet.

I’ve only done a couple of trails in the park so this was a good chance to do a few more and stretch my legs after a summer stuck indoors. The trails were mostly quiet and free of the hordes usually found on the more popular trails like Skyline, where this photo was taken from. When we arrived at the end there were only two other people there.

The Cabot Trail is a winding, twisty road that goes around the island providing incredible views along its entire length. There are sections that go up and sections that go down. There are almost no straight sections so it’s a bit like a roller-coaster ride. Because of the time of year and travel restrictions, there were few people on the road and we saw none of the RV’s and campers that usually clog the roads and views. It was very nice to have the place almost completely to ourselves with nothing but wide, clear views ahead. It was much quieter too without the traffic and the constant drone of the trucks, campers and RV’s grinding their way up and down the roads.

I’m very happy I got out to see this beautiful part of the province at a time when it was far more enjoyable than it usually is.