I’m in Alma, NB, Canada 🇨🇦  |  ☀️ It’s 22° at 4:49pm

Bike under snow

Bike under snow

I love snow. Maybe it’s because I live in an apartment and someone else does the shovelling. Whatever the reason, I wish we got more in these parts. Most of the time the snow around here is mixed with rain, or it’s just rain itself, and everything ends up being soggy and damp and grey and miserable. When there is snow though, there is the most magical, deep light. The smallest amount of light is scattered in every direction making it beautiful and flat with wonderful contrast.

There always seems to be a bike locked up along Barrington Street — there were two on this morning — almost completely buried under the previous night’s snowfall. This bike was a good shot because of its dark frame and its undisturbed blanket of snow.

I shot an entire roll during my twelve minute walk to work that morning, and much of the roll turned out quite nicely. I hope to post a couple more before I move on to something else.