I’m in Halifax, NS, Canada 🇨🇦  |  It’s 9° at 8:17am

Three wooden deck chairs sit empty on a wooden boardwalk overlooking Halifax harbour.

Before the tourists

Another test roll through this relatively new-to-me camera. I managed to get my hands on a battery adapter so I can use the built-in light meter and it seems to be working very well. Not bad for a 40+ year-old camera I’d say. I’ve also tweaked my scanning process — it never ends — and I’m much happier with the amount of detail I’m getting out of the negative.

The boardwalk is mostly deserted over the winter, just a few hardy souls down there walking to/from work or going for their morning run. It can be a bit chilly when the wind is up and the skies grey but I Still like heading down there for my commute to the office. It beats the over-the-top commercialization of the place during tourist season, soon to be upon us. I find it unfortunate those of us who live here 12 months of the year don’t get to really enjoy where they live during the most enjoyable weather of the year. Covid was terrible for a lot of reasons, but during lockdowns it sure was refreshing to be able to really enjoy where I live with my friends and neighbours.