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Beach rocks, Black Brook Cove Beach

Beach rocks, Black Brook Cove Beach

Earlier this month I went up to Cape Breton with a couple of friends to hike around the island. After hiking a hundred metres or so along the Jack Pine trail only to find it closed, we decided to head down to the beach below to figure out what to do next. Black Brook Cove is a beautiful beach with a pile of wave-worn rocks between the parking lot and the sand, a perfect subject for black-and-white film on a blisteringly sunny day.

I’m told the beach is usually quite busy, but of course this year not much is. There were only a few people walking the beach when we arrived and so we had our choice of beachfront picnic tables to spread our map out on and see what we could hike next. Good thing there are quite a few trails to choose from down the east side of the island.

After lingering for a little too long and taking a bunch of pictures we piled back in the car and headed off to the next trail. There’s always a beautiful beach to enjoy in Cape Breton!