This is what I’m up to:

  • Back in my own apartment! Now to find replacement bookshelf and dresser that were ruined in the flood…
  • Spending some time with my mom who’s visiting for the first time after two years
  • Looking into different career options for the next few years. Got any ideas?
  • Small redesigns and updates to my website and personal web apps
  • I’m reading:
    • Fight Night
      by Miriam Toews
      I’m 41 % finished
      Tags: hardcover, canadian, humour
  • Working as a web developer for Able Sense, a small e-commerce agency doing good work on the Shopify platform

Updated: October 2, 2021

What is this?

This is my /now page. From

So a website with a link that says “now” goes to a page that tells you what this person is focused on at this point in their life. For short, we call it a “now page”.

That’s what this is.


In photographs, Your stuff’s not in there was published 4 weeks ago.

As for articles, Using PHP and cURL to post media to the Mastodon API was published 11 months ago.

And in notes, Checked in: Lion’s Head Tavern | Halifax Pub was published 3 weeks ago.

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