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Raptors Insights application goes live!

Raptors Insights application goes live!

Over the past few months — and a few months before that on and off — I have been involved in a cool project at work creating a custom, complex data visualization tool for the Toronto Raptors. We took decades of data and transformed a paper-based process into an eye-popping and deeply useful application. The room in the Raptors’ brand new practice facility includes 9 55-inch touch screen TV’s in a seamless wall installation, along with 3 of the same TV’s in a custom table. There is also a mobile component with much the same functionality in the palm of the users’ hands.

All of this was written using web technologies: HTML, CSS and Javascript. I’m proud of the work the small team did in a short time and proud we could do it all using these “simple” technologies. It was nice to see it finally unveiled today.

There’s a slick video with a bit more information on YouTube. Go Raptors!