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First crack at Harman direct positive paper

First crack at Harman direct positive paper

I had my good pal Jamie over this past weekend who very graciously agreed to be my first test subject with new-to-me Harman/Ilford direct positive paper in my 4x5 view camera.

I shot two exposures at ISO6 and two at ISO3. The two at ISO6 turned out almost black, completely underexposed. The two ISO3 sheets — the two above — came out a bit better. Still way underexposed but the tones give me hope.

These two sheets were exposed at ISO3, for 6 seconds at f8. Lighting was direct, continuous CFL’s at full blast. Paper was developed in fresh Ilford Multigrade at 1+9 for 2 minutes, then 15 seconds in Kodak stop bath, then one minute in Ilford Rapid Fixer. And because it’s double-weight fibre-based paper, a 60-minute wash.

I think next time I’ll try two shots at 9 seconds and two at 12 seconds. Any volunteers?