I’m in Halifax, NS, Canada 🇨🇦  |  It’s 4° at 1:33pm

McNabs Island time lapse

I spent the day yesterday out at McNabs Island, a large island in Halifax harbour. I’ve been meaning to get over there since moving to the city, but until this year it’s been a pain to get over there if you don’t own a boat. This summer though two water taxi services have started in the city, either of which will take you over.

I haven’t had much need to use the time lapse function on my iPhone 6, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to give it a shot. It was perfect timing too as later in the day the clouds moved out which would have made for a less interesting video.

This was taken on Hugonin Point first looking west across the mouth of the harbour and ending up looking slightly southeast toward Maugers Beach Lighthouse. The total time of the video is 15 minutes condensed down to 32 seconds.