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Desire line

Desire line

I was out and about on an urban hike last weekend and decided to head across the city from my building, over Citadel Hill, across the common and up to the north end to pick up some coffee beans from Java Blend on North Street.

Since I hadn’t had my 6x12 camera out in a while I brought it along to get some panoramas along the way. I managed to shoot a roll — 6 frames — and got a couple of decent shots. The desire lines across the common have always fascinated me as desire lines always do and so I stopped to take a photo. It turned out alright but I’m mad at myself for not paying more attention to the top of the apartment building on the right. It really bothers me that the top is chopped off, and to be honest, it was a little too sunny for my tastes.

Next time I’ll be sure to pay more attention and wait for a foggier day!