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Happy 25th Birthday, World Wide Web

Happy 25th Birthday, World Wide Web

Since it’s the web’s 25th birthday I thought I’d throw my own well wishes up on my own website, which incidentally has been up and running on the web in some form or another for close to 20 of those 25 years.

It’s amazing when I look back at what the web has meant to me. I sit here today as a web developer, a job title that didn’t exist when I put my first website up. Back then we were called webmasters, remember that? I’m not sure what I’d be doing if the web hadn’t come along, probably working in the woods in some capacity following my formal education in forestry. But that’s the cool thing about the web isn’t it? People from all over the world with all kinds of backgrounds, with little to no technical knowledge can take part. Sure, it has it’s ups and downs but that’s humanity for you.

On it’s 25th birthday I wish all the best for the web as well as a lifetime so far of thanks for what it has brought to my life. I also hope it continues to be what it was meant to be: free and open.

There’s lots more on the web’s 25th on the Web at 25 website, including a message from its inventor, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.