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January tulips

January tulips

It’s been a slow month photographically, it’s dark out before I leave the office and a general grayness has settled in. While I’m waiting for it to pass I decided to pick up some white tulips from the grocery store, bust out the 4x5 camera and studio lights and do something I’ve never done before: shoot flowers. It also gave me the chance to test out my lumu light meter in a somewhat controlled environment.

Many people love to photograph flowers but I’m definitely not one of them. That’s how bored and desperate I am. It ended up being a fun hour or two with the big camera, a device perfectly suited to still life photography. It’s slow and deliberate and you’re not getting anything decent if you’re not really taking your time. There’s just too many things to remember to do before you trip the shutter.

So while I had the lights on and the flowers arranged I decided to take a few shots with my digital camera, that’s what you’re seeing here. I’ll develop the six sheets of film I exposed tonight, tomorrow evening. Hopefully the meter and my somewhat limited skills held up. Until then, here’s a black and whiteified shot from the digital camera.