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The VW bus makes its last run

The VW bus makes its last run

I’m not sure exactly what it is about the VW van but I love them. Maybe it’s the romantic idea of living on the road, exploring and finding adventure. Maybe it’s because I love to camp and this thing would mean just pulling over and setting up right then and there.

It’s now the end of the line for the ol’ bus and I guess that makes me a little sad. They don’t get much respect — they’re underpowered and saddled with the hippie legacy — but I’d still buy one right this minute if I had the money. As much as I like my Subaru Forester — I like it a lot — I think at this point I’d trade it for a VW camper van.

I guess now that manufacturing is coming to and end the only new VW van I’ll own is the LEGO version I have proudly on display in my living room. Still, I can dream. But it’ll have to be about a used van.