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Rainy long weekend

Rainy long weekend

It was a bit of a rainy few days in the woods this past long weekend but still worth it. As usual with any outdoor activity, preparation and decent gear is key in making the best of poor weather. In this case, good tents and a tarp saved the day.

Saturday turned out to be a very nice sunny day spent reading on the rocks of Big Dam Lake, a perfect antidote to the city. We even had a few frog friends hanging out with us on the rocks.

Sunday morning turned rainy, with a severe thunderstorm parking itself right over the park. An hour of very loud crashing from the skies and a few flashes of lightening made for an interesting time. The storm had cleared away by noon and while the afternoon was cloudy, it was dry and warm.

When I woke up Monday morning I had a feeling it might rain so I suggested we pack up first before making coffee and pancakes. It turned out to be a wise decision as not ten minutes after we had most of our stuff in our packs the rain started. Close call! The heavy rain only lasted a few minutes and we managed to stay mostly dry.

Here’s a panorama of our backcountry site at Kejimkujik National Park. This is site 1, about a kilometre from the parking lot. I would have preferred a longer hike but this was the only site available on the very busy long weekend. The whole park was completely booked up. It’s a beautiful site, right on Big Dam Lake and close to a few trails. I’d recommend it for those who are just starting out with backcountry camping as it’s a quick, easy walk and close to the car if things don’t go so well.