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My current film stash

My current film stash

This is what my current stash of film looks like. It’s not bad, but if one is to believe the feelings/rumours regarding the impending film apocalypse then it’s not enough. But I don’t like to think about that. I was inspired to pile it all up and put it under the lights by film stash.

As you can tell, my favourite film is Fuji Acros, a wonderful medium-speed, very fine grain black and white film. I will be truly saddened when Fuji decides to cease its manufacture. My favourite high-speed film was Fuji Neopan 400 and Fuji unceremoniously canned that a couple of years ago and I’ve been struggling to find a replacement ever since I ran out of stock. Kodak 400TX is pretty darn good but doesn’t have quite the same tonality and fine-grain as Neopan. Perhaps I’m not developing it correctly.

The newest film on the pile is the Rollei infrared, something I want to set some time aside for while there are still green leaves on the trees and blue skies. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

The oldest film on there is either the single roll of Kodak High Speed Infrared (HIE) in 35mm or the Polaroid Type 669. Both have been out of manufacture for many years, kept somewhat safe — as all this film is — in a cool fridge. I can only hope their foil wrapping has shielded them from cosmic radiation. It’s a thing we film shooters worry about.

There are quite a few sheets of 4x5 film in there, but it doesn’t get used too often. I had dreams for its use but as so often is the case with dreams, they have gone unfulfilled. Maybe one day I’ll put them to use, I could shoot old-timey portraits on the boardwalk or something.

Anyway, it’s a nice pile of silver.