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Kili Update 2

Kili Update 2

Well what a day we had today. We hired a local guide to take us to Moshi town and give us the real tour of the town. We went to three markets and made it deep into the dark tunnels that us white folks never get to see.

We walked all through the town even though it was 40 degrees in the sun, the tour was just too great to stop. We wandered through the crazy bus station where everyone seems to be yelling and got a very special tour to the top of a new office building where we could Mt Kilimanjaro poking up above the clouds. That’s the photo above.

We eventually made it back to the hotel where we had our pre-trek meeting where we met our guide and assistant guide and went over the trek. Simply put: drink lots of water and walk slow, or pole pole as they say in Swahili. Can’t wait to get started tomorrow (Monday) morning.

I’ve even picked up a few Swahili words while I’ve been here:

  • jambo: hello
  • hakuna matata: no problem
  • pole pole: slowly, slowly
  • pole: sorry
  • rafiki: friend
  • jina lako nani: what is your name
  • jina langu: my name is
  • asante sana: thank you very much
  • kwaheri: bye bye
  • tuta onana tena: see you again
  • twende: let’s go

As you can see I’m fitting right in. The trek starts tomorrow so I will not be able to update until Friday evening local time.