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Now with API

I don’t know why, but I’ve gone and created an API to this website. I guess it’s mostly because I’ve wanted to learn how web services and RESTful API’s work, but all that takes time, something I don’t have a ton of at the moment. That’s never stopped me from learning something new before, so I found a very nice PHP framework for doing this sort of thing and dug right in.

The Slim Framework is a pretty slick tool, and not entirely out of the grasp of mere mortals like me. I’m not a complete noob, but I’m not a senior developer either, so getting my API up and running in just a couple of hours felt a little like magic.

It’s only version 1.0 at the moment and only does a few things with posts, but it’s there and kinda cool. I’ve got it somewhat locked down with access keys needed for access, but at least there’s a nice front page to look at. The API just returns what you can see on the website but in JSON format.

Check it out at api.chrisjones.io and if you’re interested in creating your own API, make sure to give Slim a look.